Vintage horror comics cover stylization by Bruce Timm

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The Joker by Mike S. Miller *


You know I never liked the name Jack Napier for Joker, because in Spanish “naipes” means playing cards, and the words are so close in spelling when ever I see Jack Napier, I see Jack Playing Cards.

While it’s a little cool considering what his alias comes to be, it’s basically like the Penguin’s real name being Penguin McWaddles.

Do you happen to know the history of the name? Sam Hamm (screenwriter for Bat’89) needed to create an identity for Joker in his origin story, and based his name on the old English word ‘jackanapes’ - meaning an ‘impertinent person’ - while also paying homage to Alan Napier, the Alfred of the ‘66 Batman Fox series. 




The Joker by Frank Quitely